Vocation, Directors and Trustee Scholarships

These three Luther Seminary scholarships are awarded to full-time students in the M.Div. and M.A. (including dual-degree) programs based on merit at the point of admission. These scholarship awards are automatic and do not require a separate application. Students will be notified if they received the scholarship through their acceptance letter. Scholarship amounts are renewable … Read moreVocation, Directors and Trustee Scholarships

SBCV Seminarian Scholarship

In some cases, the SBCV can give financial aid to ministerial students completing their seminary education who have a genuine financial need. Requirements: Applicant must be a 1) full-time seminary student seeking a master’s degree or 2) a seminary student seeking a doctoral degree. Applicant must attend a seminary owned by the Southern Baptist Convention … Read moreSBCV Seminarian Scholarship

Mississippi Baptists Scholarship

The Mississippi Baptist Foundation has a limited number of accounts that specify they be used for scholarships. The Foundation has a limited number of scholarships for Mississippians attending any of the six Southern Baptist seminaries: New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Southeastern Baptist … Read moreMississippi Baptists Scholarship

Seminary Women Scholarship Scholarship

Providing scholarship assistance forLouisiana women attending one of the six Southern Baptist seminaries is a particular joy for Louisiana WMU. This scholarship is for women who are enrolled and attending classes on the main campus of the seminary and who are pursuing a Master’s degree. Requirements: For women who are enrolled in a Master‘s program … Read moreSeminary Women Scholarship Scholarship

Nelda C Seal Endowed Scholarship

The Nelda C. Seal endowed scholarships for Louisiana mission pastors began in 1999. This scholarship was created to provide assistance for Louisiana mission pastors pursuing a Master’s degree or Christian diploma at a Southern Baptist seminary or approved extension center. Requirements: Louisiana mission pastors pursuing a Master’s degree or Christian diploma at a Southern Baptist seminary or … Read moreNelda C Seal Endowed Scholarship

African American Missions Pastors Scholarship

The African American Mission Pastors scholarship is administered by WMU and provides scholarship assistance to pastors of African American missions in our state. These pastors much be enrolled at a Southern Baptist Seminary or its approved extension center while pursuing a Master’s Degree or Christian Education Diploma. Requirements: Must be enrolled at a Southern Baptist … Read moreAfrican American Missions Pastors Scholarship